Security… We all want to feel safe, to know we are actually safe… The same applies for businesses we create. Let’s see, you had an idea you believed in, and you worked extremely hard to implement it. You definitely spent much effort, time, and money to make it work for you. That’s why security issues bother you more than ever. We are going to observe security risks that can ruin everything you have been building for so long and ways out of these traps to survive in the digital world.

For a start, let’s define what you actually put at risk by neglecting your software security. Cyber attacks may cause many problems to businesses, no matter what their size and industry is. The biggest troubles you may face are downtime, data leakage, big money loss, and bankrupting. One small mistake in your security strategy may kill your business initiative.

No security strategy You can be absolutely sure your software is protected enough, but that means nothing if you haven’t developed a strategy that will help you keep an ear to the ground. Well, your main task here is to have a plan which will clearly present how you are going to protect your data and what measures you can take in case of security breaches.

No potential breaches monitoring Of course, you may get rid of cyber attack consequences, but why lead it all to downtime and money loss just because you haven’t applied preventive measures that by the way are much cheaper than recovering from an attack.

Lack of employee awareness If your employees are not trained in terms of security, they may unintentionally become your biggest threat. This may occur just because they don’t know what actions can put your security system at risk. One more reason is the BYOD policy — if you let your employees bring their own devices to work on, someone should explain them which data shouldn’t be accessed via their devices that are not properly protected for sure.

Limitless employee access to data Some employers ignore this point and give their employees full access to all the data they don’t even need in their work. Be cleverer, give each personnel member access to the specific data they really need in what they do and don’t let them install any software without permission of a security consultant.

Inefficient authentication Weak passwords, using the same password for too long, no multi-factor authentication, no additional information required except a password to allow entry — all these points are inefficient authentication signs that will easily breach your data systems.

To protect your commerce, you need to complete the following steps:

  • Develop a security strategy
  • Implement it
  • Constantly monitor potential breaches
  • Train your employees
  • Limit employee access to data
  • Enhance authentication

Looks like it’s a great scope of work, right? Well, it actually is. Security is a very important aspect to consider when starting or developing your business. You can either have an efficient security system or ruin your lifetime project. If you aren’t good enough at security issues, the best thing you can do is to get service from cyber security experts.

They are aware of all current threats and constantly monitor the issue to keep track of new ones. With their knowledge and professionalism, they will easily develop a compatible security system to protect your software and data. A Quality Assurance team will test your software to detect breaches. Such companies also train staffs to use software and devices without damage for a company. In addition, they will explain you what efficient authentication is and how to implement it.

Remember that establishing a proper security system is much cheaper than overcoming consequences of cyber attacks.